Cantina al sole
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Welcoming 20 sqm room at the ground floor, accessible from the Loggia. Once one of the wine cellars, this rooms keeps a unique and fascinating atmosphere thanks to its characteristic vaulted ceiling made with bricks and river stones, jealously preserved in his authenticity. This room has a double bed, a single bed and a bathroom with shower. “Cantina all’Ombra” and “Cantina al Sole” can be connected to form a two-bedroom apartment (“La Cantina”) with 2 bathrooms and 2 exits to outside area, accommodating 4-5 people. Accessible to diversely able, too.
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Request information on the incredible experience at Agriturismo Poggiopiano, 7 km from the historic center of Florence. You will be surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and you will be able to enjoy our products and our panoramic swimming pool.