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Mugello: a must-do, just a few steps away from Poggiopiano
Mugello is the valley that lies along the upper course of the Sieve River, about 18 miles (30 kms) from Poggiopiano, with a landscape characterized by a wide belt of mountains and hills that lead down to the plains adjacent to the river.

The Lake: sport and relax

Since the 90’s, Bilancino Lake, an artificial lake created primarily to regulate the Sieve flow and to guarantee water supply to the Florentine area, is a delightful destination for a trip out of town and offers the possibility for swimming, boating, canoeing, windsurfing, sport fishing, archery and recreational flying.

Mugello and the racetrack

Mugello is also renowned all over the world for its racetrack, where some of the most important international car and motorcycle competitions take place, reachable from Poggiopiano riding along some of the bikers’ favourite panoramic roads!

Mugello Accommodation

Poggiopiano is the ideal base to visit Mugello, without giving up a visit to Florence city center and the discovery of our products
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