Plenum in the Leone d’Oro Selection 2024 – THINK YOURSELF OLIVE

February, the 10th – 2024

We are in the Leone d’Oro 2024 Selection!

MariaPaola Gabusi writes us today:

“I am very happy to announce the champions admitted with a score above 85/100 to the Golden Lion Competition and therefore entered in the Leone 2024 Selection″.

Maria Paola says on her website: “Leone d’Oro is much more than a competition, it is a project of and in constant growth. It is an extremely selective competition, which is committed to always remaining at the side of producers in order to safeguard biodiversity. “

And we confirm this is true. It is not to be taken for granted that the organisation of a competition feels so much a part of production, walking alongside producers with the same objective as them!

This is why entering the Selection is every time a great achievement for us and a double confirmation: the confirmation that we have done a good job and the confirmation that we can do even better.

Cultivating the land and transforming its fruits is a job that requires attention in every single moment, every single olive and every single drop. As Maria Paola Gabusi, Panel Leader of the Golden Lion, says: ‘let’s remember that extra virgin olive oil is made from all those tiny olives, all of them! THINK YOURSELF OLIVE

We think ourselves olives and, now that we are in the Leone d’Oro Selection, we think ouserlevs a bit Lion (Leone) as well!

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