The team

1st May 2024 |

Here we are! Here are the hands behind our wines and our extra virgin olive oils, here are the eyes that look after your stay at Poggiopiano for a few days or a few hours…


Origins from Livorno. His place is on the tractor, but the excavator is the most fun for him! For more than 10 years he has been working in the vineyards and olive groves of Poggiopiano as if he were in his own garden.

In the Poggiopiano family since 2011.


Florentine origins. A real handyman: all of Poggiopiano’s fences and poolside gazebos are his work. The number one with the lawnmower and brushcutter! He is not afraid of the early hours: in summer he arrives at Poggiopiano at dawn to take advantage of the cooler moments of the hot summer days.

In the Poggiopiano family since 2010.


Albanian origins. A fast and tireless worker, he looks after the vineyards, olive groves and garden. To everyone he meets, he always reserves a sincere smile!

In the Poggiopiano family since 2023.


Senegalese origins. In the vineyard and in the olive grove, he is an asset we could not do without. He works for his family, he works for our family.

In the Poggiopiano family since 2021.


Origins from Fiesole. Graduated as a winemaker at Florence Uniiveristy, guitarist in his freetime. You will find him in the cellar, you will meet him at some events. Every bottle passes through his hands at least once! Of few words, but his great dedication to his work says a lot…

In the Poggiopiano family since 2020.


Peruvian origins. Thoughtful and careful: nothing gets past her when it comes to cleaning and she doesn’t give up until everything is in order!

In the Poggiopiano family since 2024.


Florentine origins. She prepares breakfastevery morning with love and pampers guests staying at the Agriturismo. Homemade cakes and muffins are all her work. Her hands are also behind the tasty local food platters that we serve to Guests and Visitors!

In the Poggiopiano family since 2020.



Origins from Pontassieve. Studies in tourism, experience in commerce and a Sommelier course done out of passion, now – unexpectedly but happily! – come together at Poggiopiano. Her smile welcomes you at the reception and for your tastings at the Agriturismo!

In the Poggiopiano family since 2024.


That’s me! I call myself an all-rounder! Graduated as a winemaker at Florence  University, passionate about languages, different cultures and food.
I feel more comfortable with my hands and shoes dirty  than with mascara and high heels.




Poggiopiano’s Art Director! Mauro’s right-hand. Fluent in 3 languages, she is delighted by a beautiful landscape, in front of her favourite yellow roses, watching our Guests leave with a relaxed face and smile, sipping a good wine in the garden while cuddling her cats…


Last in this list, but certainly not least: without him Poggiopiano would not exist! Engeneering studies, mechanic by passion, winegrower and olive grower by choice.  In 1985 he had a vision that led him to transform every family plot into true jewels that he still looks after together with the entire Poggiopiano team, without ever losing his critical eye and curiosity…



P.S. in these photos we are beautiful, but in person even more so: all you have to do is visit us at Poggiopiano!
To find out how, visit the ‘tastings and activities’ page of this website.

We look forward to meeting your smiles too 🙂

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